bluemeringue (bluemeringue) wrote,

There's something about Stockholm syndrome

Okay, I was riveted from the start. A woman kidnapped as a child willingly takes up residence in a shack and produces two off-spring without troubling to break free. Lurid scenarios are instantly conjured. Elizabeth Smart all over again. The scene is set in the bomemian mecca of the west, a place where crosses are razed into every hillside, Concord, CA.

Yes, no doubt the dude is a pedophile. The wife is a sadistic enabler. But the lingering question remains: Why didn't she leave? That's the one that keeps us guessing. It's easy enough to pawn off the couple as sociopaths. But here is this seemingly normal arian poster girl who is driven to self-imposed exile. Could this happen to anyone?

Damn, of course it could. That's why we wonder. What would make us snap to submission? So we keep on digging for more for clues.
Tags: stockholm

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