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Since last week, I've been fuming over Inglorious Basterds. I've been trolling the blogosphere for interviews with the simpering megalomaniac (whose name shall not be spoken), lapping up hateful details on his unapologetic apathy regarding the actual history of WWII. Apparently, QT did not feel unduly compelled to perform (or even read) cumbersome research on the subject, having considered it merely a cool new genre to bastardize, i.e., hoaky western meets slasher flick.

Okay, I'll admit I haven't seen it. I refuse to dole out hard-earned ticket money, so I've only watched the gazillion trailers inundating the Web (I'll wait another week until it hits bit torrent). So far as I can splice and dice together, the underlying message is that hatred begets hatred. War is just a vicious cycle of amorality. Today's massacred are tomorrow's sadists and so on. Ayn Rand, look out. The tedium of historical context is left off-screen.  Instead, there's gratuitous blood and guts, plus a well-heeled shiksa cast as a young Jewish movie-theater owner  (who bounced back pretty well for someone who watched her parents get snuffed by the Nazis a handful of years before).

An insult to anyone with a history book, an attention span or a conscience. If I read one more 20-something on Facebook comment that Hollywood Nazi-hunting is "entertaining," I'll toss my kreplach.
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